TARS Foundation Evangelists are individuals who are passionate about microservices technology and projects, recognized for their expertise, and willing to help others learn about the framework and community.


  1. A member of foundation or Contributor of projects in the foundation.
  2. Already engaged with the project in some way whether that’s as a contributor, blogger, speaker, etc.
  3. Willing to speak at community events or write technical content such as blog posts.

Interested in becoming a evangelist?

Yong Zhang
Advanced R & D of Yuewen group
Tars foundation gold medal training lecturer, senior R & D Engineer of Yuewen group, technical director of the web background of start Chinese network, currently mainly responsible for the internal PHP extension development, start architecture, performance optimization, etc. Participate in the R & D and promotion of Tencent tars open source project.
Keith Chan
CNCF China Director
Keith (Chan Chak Fai) has been in IT industry for more than 20 years. He is born in HK and holds an MBA degree from UK. He started his IT journey from involving in IP stack network to focusing on IT security solution since 1997. He has been helping a lot of Enterprise in Asia Pacific to deploy security solution around the globe. Since 2009, he has also stepped into particularly Open Source Area. He has helped a lot of companies in Greater China for a better open source management and strategy, which covers Government, Banking and Finance, High Tech. He has successfully helped more than 40+ overseas companies to introduce their latest technology in Asia Pacific, as being the General Manager in Greater China. He is now the Director of Strategic Planning of The Linux Foundation APAC, helping The Linux Foundation to promote open source in Greater China.
Tianfeng Han
Staff Architect of TAL
Staff Architect of TAL, the founder of Swoole and the PHP-X open source project, former Tencent Friends Network, Taobao search PHP system engineer, Huya live mobile backend leader, wheel interconnection architect.
Yu Gu
DevOps expert from Accenture
A senior DevOps expert from Accenture and a core author of DevOps standards, specializes in DevOps, cloud computing, microservices, and full-featured agile team training, design, practice, implementation, and experience promotion. 4 years of hands-on experience in DevOps and microservices. Before joining ThoughtWorks, he was involved in the development, implementation, and transition of China Mobile's 10086 call center and China Unicom's provincial BOSS system. Served as project manager, maintenance manager, development engineer, etc., and has rich practical experience in large-scale IT system minicomputer production environment.
Ted, Chen Liang
Head Developer of the TARS-PHP
the core developer of TARS, and the head of the TARS-PHP. He once worked at Tencent, responsible for the back-end development of corporate QQ and QQ public accounts, and served as the back-office technical manager of the female frequency of the Reading Group. Members of the Tencent open source project TSF development team have extensive experience in building high-performance WEB backgrounds and microservice governance.
Junhua, Wang
Technical Director of Longtu Game
Technical Director of Longtu Game Operation Support Department. Graduated from the Department of Engineering and Tsinghua University, he has worked in the Institute of Nuclear Information and Economics, IBM, Dream City, and Dragon Games. Baseball enthusiast, lifelong learning practitioner. Support the open source movement.
Timmy, Huitao Yu
backend development expert in China Literature
the backend development expert of the China Literature and the head of the user center structure of the China Literature, responsible for core group-related services for the entire group. Previously worked at Shanda Games, responsible for the development and architecture design of Shanda Games' "Legend Mobile Games" data SDK. Contributors to the Tencent TARS project have extensive experience in java services and messaging systems.
Liang Ou
Technical Architect of China Literature
The Technical Architect of China Literature and the person in charge of the UGC platform of the Universal Platform Center. Contributors to TARS open source work have extensive experience in building high-performance back-end services and microservice governance.