Thanks for you to tell your case story. We hope your case mentions the following information. After we check your draft, we will send you an example email. If you feel good, we will show it on our website.

Draft of Case Study

  • Introduction to Your Company

(Name, City, What kind of industry and something else you hope to share)

  • What happened with the company's technical architecture before using TARS? Anything inconvenient?

  • Why you chose TARS?

  • How to improve disadvantages based on TARS?

We prefer you to provide some thinkings in no more than three sentences. We will put them in the banner one by one. It is welcome to use your own pictures in the banners.
Anything else your company would like to share

PS: If you would like to share some tricks when you use TARS, we are very welcome and thankful.

If you have any questions, we are really looking forward to your feedback!

TARS team