Tars Foundation will provide credential certification for the qualified outstanding enterprise and personal contributors.

TARS Foundation is an international, non-profit, software organization. Our certification is for all people from any country.
All content, such as certification process, training materials, exams, are developed by the TARS Foundation's official technical experts. The certification process is strictly in accordance with rules.
For individuals, certified ones will build credibility and value in the job market to get better resources quickly.For enterprises, if an enterprise passes the certification, it means the enterprise has reached a higher level in some aspects of this project, which can be a guarantee for your partners and end user.It is a guarantee for employees to cooperate with the project technology.
Individual Certification

The TARS Foundation provides certification for individual participation in project training. There are two categories depending on the nature of the work performed:

Certified Project Administrator (CxA), which is suitable for project operation and maintenance workers.

Certified Project Application Developer (CxAD), which is suitable for the project developers.


① Familiar with the open source and microservices concepts, can be a good guide to the development work as a methodology;

② Master the knowledge required for project certification and use it proficiently;

③ Pass the certification exam for the project.

Certification process

① Registration: Understand the certification requirements, fill out the registration form

② Training: registration, training

③ Exam: Take the relevant certification program exam at the specified time

④ Recruitment: Students who pass the exam will receive an officially awarded certificate.

Certified engineers have rights

① Certified Project Administrator(CxA) is designed to ensure that certification holders have the skills, knowledge and competencies to perform the project's operational responsibilities.

② Certified Project Application Developer (CxAD) is designed to ensure that the certification holder has the skills, knowledge and competencies.Certified engineers master the project's resources for continuous development, and quickly build credibility and value in the job market to get better resources.

Enterprise Certification

Enterprises can be certified as Project Certified Service Provider and Certified Project Partner of our projects.

Project Certified Service Provider

will have better service experience helping other enterprise to adopt projects via supporting, consulting, services or training.

Certified Project Partner

does conformance testing and upload results. After certification, marks and trademark of this project can be used flexibly.


① Is a member of the TARS Foundation

② Business model can support enterprise users

③ Three or more certified engineers

Certification process

Companies that want to obtain the above certifications will get in touch with the TARS Foundation's certified staff through official contact, and the two sides will conduct a comprehensive discussion. If the company meets the above requirements and passes the final review by the certification expert, the corresponding enterprise certification can be obtained.

Certified companies have special rights

① Display in our website

② Meetings with certification program leaders, expert oversight committees, and board representatives monthly.

③ Get the push and use of the latest version of the certification program, share TARS technical resources, including developer exchange groups, media resources, etc.

Certification items
Certified Company
Certified Project Partner
Project Certified Service Provider

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