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Community Engagement
TARS Foundation is a constellation of open source projects. Members of TARS Foundation leverage many programs to engage with our project’s ecosystems and share their stories. As a member you can participate in
Thought Leadership
Members of the TARS Foundation can network and help shape the market. As a member you can participate in
Marketing Amplification and Brand Awareness
Broaden your reach and awareness in the community with TARS Foundation marketing programs. As a member you can participate in
Membership Level
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Premier Member
$100,000 per year
General Member
5,000+ employees: $50,000
2,000 - 4,999: $30,000
500 - 1999: $15,000
< 499 employees: $5,000
Associate Member

*To join TARS Foundation, all members at any level must be a member of the Linux Foundation.
”Join TARS Foundation" will allow you to sign up for both.