Governing Board

The board represent LF TARS Foundation. It is responsible for setting strategy, making decisions.

Foundation TOC

The Technical Oversight Committee provides technical leadership to the user community. It makes technical decisions for TARS Foundation.

Its functions include:

  1. Defining and maintaining the technical vision for the TARS Foundation.
  2. Approving new projects and creating a conceptual architecture for the projects.
  3. Supervise the development and operation of projects in the Foundation.
  4. Evaluate new projects applying to join the Foundation.
  5. Process feedback from the user community.
User Community

The User Community consist of many special interest group (SIG). There are two different kinds of SIG, Technical Special Interest Group (TSIG) and General Special Interest Group (GSIG).

Every part has its own TSIG, such as Framework SIG, Service Discovery SIG, etc.

General working is also separated into many categories, like marketing, public relationship, etc.


Every special interest group (SIG) will conduct a communication session based on the focus of its interest group via mailing list or Slack every two weeks.In the communication, people would exchange some questions about the daily affairs of the foundation and the current project technology.

Technical Special Interest Group
Infrastructure SIG
Storage SIG
Cache SIG
File System SIG
Framework SIG
Protocol SIG
Service Governance SIG
Service Discovery SIG
Load Balance SIG
Overload Protection SIG
Service Configuration SIG
Monitor SIG
Fault tolerance SIG
Traffic Management SIG
Microservices Application SIG
Blockchain SIG
Deep Learning SIG
Big Data SIG
DevOps SIG
Code Management SIG
Continuous Integration SIG
Continuous Delivery SIG
Continuous Deployment SIG
Greyscale Release SIG
General Special Interest Group
Marketing SIG
Public Relationship SIG

The foundation will conduct a technical seminar in the form of offline and online live broadcast or recording.


The foundation will attend/hold an international conference at least once a year.We will share our latest projects, technologies and achivements in conferences.