TARS Foundation Ambassadors are individuals who are passionate about microservices technology and projects, recognized for their expertise, and willing to help others learn about the framework and community.


  1. Already engaged with the project in some way whether that’s as a contributor, blogger, speaker, etc.
  2. Willing to speak at community events or write technical content such as blog posts.

Interested in becoming an ambassador of TARS Foundation?

Baoyin SHAN
Senior Backend Engineer, Tencent
Focusing on technology research and development in the field of distributed storage, Shan participates in the research and development of multiple self-developed storage systems by Tencent, and has extensive experience in the field of distributed systems, high-availability and high-performance services.
Defool Li
Senior Engineer, Tencent
Familar with TARS and open source service governance, Li is a TarsGo core developer and technical evangelist. He is responsible for the backend development of multiple cloud computing products related to Docker and cloud development.
Isabella Ferreira
Ph.D, Polytechnique Montréal
I've been contributing to the TARS Foundation by creating blog posts, videos for the YouTube channel, ebooks, and meetup events. The goal is to attract and retain more contributors in the TARS Community.
Junhua WANG
Platform Technical Director, Longtu Game
With work experiences in IBM, Dream City, and Longtu Games, Wang is devoted to software development and technology management, and more research and practice on microservices and container technology.
Neil OU
Backend Architect, China Literature
With more than ten years of experience in software development, refactoring, and migration, Neil has been committed to enterprise-level development in the fields of automobile, media, and banking. Later, he transitioned into the Internet industry and served as a technical expert in Alibaba's large entertainment Youku business group. He is currently working as a general platform architect for China Literature Group.
Shudong RUAN
CTO, UpChina
With many years of backend distributed development experience, Ruan is TARS core maintainer.
Suwen Kuang
Senior Engineer, Tencent
Kuang is one of the core developers of TarsGo framework and works in the commercial development center of Tencent Tencent Kandian (TKD). Kuang has participated in the construction and operation of multiple open source projects such as distributed link tracking and TarsGo. Currently, he is mainly responsible for the development of the information flow advertising system and the daily maintenance of the TarsGo framework. He is an expert in high concurrency and high availability architecture, microservices governance, etc.
Senior Software Engineering Manager, Microsoft
Liang is the lead of the TARSPHP open source project. He previously worked at Tencent and was responsible for the backstage development of corporate QQ and QQ official accounts. A member of the TSF development team of Tencent's open source projects, he has extensive experience in building high-performance WEB backends and microservice governance. He currently serves as a backend technical manager at Microsoft Enterprise Search.
Tian Tian
Senior Engineer, Tencent
With rich experience in distributed architecture design & development and project practice, Tian has in-depth research on microservices architecture and containerization technology. A TARS core developer, Tian is the lead of Tencent service grid open source collaboration and is responsible for Tencent game value-added service cloud platform architecture's design and development.
Timmy YU
Technical Expert, China Literature
Yu is a backend development expert of China Literature Group, focusing on the technical design of China Literature Group's user center service and that of TarsJava. In China Literature, he led the applications of TARS microservices in overseas projects and red sleeve emerging projects, which illustrates the stability of TARS architecture in business scenarios with high traffic and rapid changes. He is a contributor to Tencent's open source TARS project, with in-depth practical experience in handling RPC and K8S microservices.
Senior Engineer, Tencent
Currently working in Tencent's IEG Value-Added Services Department, Zhang is responsible for operating system and project development. Previously worked in China Literature Group, Zhang was responsible for the development, structural design, performance tuning of the ‎Starting Point Chinese Website.
Technical Consulting Manager, Accenture
Gu focuses on digital transformation, scaling agility, microservices architecture, DevOps, and cloud computing technology and practice landing.