Organizer: Tencent Tars Open Source Team
Time: 14:30-18:30, Oct 12, Saturday
Location: Tencent HQ Building, Shenzhen
Topics: Front-end Development + Back-end Development + System Practice + QA

The Technical symposium is a half-day event that mainly consists of two symposium sessions. The first session focuses on the microservice principle, Tars technical architecture as well as Tars open-source background/roadmap. The second session lets people understand Tars deployment and use cases. Beyond the presentation, a QA session is there as well, students with good performance in the QA session will get a Tencent authorization gift!

14:25~14:30 Registration
14:30~15:15 The first symposium session [45 mins]
15:15~15:30 Rest
15:30~16:45 The second symposium session [75 mins]
16:45~17:00 QA session
17:00~17:10 Taking photo


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