TARS Foundation sets two kinds of training, basic training and professional training.

Learning more basic concepts and technical news, know more about general work and projects of our foundation via Basic Training.

Have a deeper understanding of projects and practice it better in your work after you do Professional Trainings.

Offline Training
【Basic】Tars Technical Symposium at Shenzhen University
Tars Contributor
October 12,2019 14:30 ~ 18:30
Tencent HQ Building, Shenzhen
The Technical symposium is a half-day event that mainly consists of two symposium sessions. The first session focuses on the microservice principle, Tars technical architecture as well as Tars open-source background/roadmap. The second session lets people understand Tars deployment and use cases. Beyond the presentation, a QA session is there as well, students with good performance in the QA session will get a Tencent authorization gift!

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