Tencent's open source project TarsCloud wins the best open source technology innovation award!
Published at 07/05/2019
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On July 3, the 2019 Cloud Computing Open Source Industry Conference hosted by the China Academy of Information and Communications Technology was held in Beijing. Tencent Open Source has won 5 awards including the Jianfeng Open Source Enterprise Award, Jianfeng Open Source Technology Innovation Award (independent R & D project), Jianfeng Open Source Technology Innovation Award (secondary development project based on community version), industry open source technology pilot award, and Jianfeng Open Source persona. The first spontaneous open source enterprise that passed the certification assessment of trusted open source governance capabilities. Among them, TarsCloud, a microservice ecological framework, won the Jianfeng Open Source Technology Innovation Award (independent R & D project).
In recent years, cloud computing open source technology has gradually become an important support and guidance for the development of cloud computing, changed the previous evolution model of information technology, led the development and innovation of software technology standards, and profoundly affected the development pattern of the entire information technology industry. The TarsCloud project, which is open sourced by Tencent, is an industry-leading open source project independently researched and developed. Currently, TarsCloud includes three open source projects: Tars, TSeer, and DCache.

  • TARS is a high-performance RPC development framework based on the name service using the TARS protocol, while supporting an integrated service governance platform.
  • TSeer is a set of service registration fault-tolerant solutions under the Tars ecosystem. It is a lightweight of the Tars name service function.
  • DCache is a distributed NoSQL storage system based on the Tars ecosystem under the Tars ecosystem.
    Tars is named after the robot in the movie "Interstellar Crossing". It is a unified application framework based on microservices (TAF), which has been used by Tencent for nearly ten years. At present, Tencent has more than 160 businesses (such as mobile browsers, application treasure , Mobile butler, etc.) using Tars on 100,000 servers. In 2017, Tars was open sourced on GitHub and currently has more than 7,000 stars. As an outstanding representative of many RPC frameworks, Tars has 4 times the performance of the same type of Google open source gRPC framework.

There are many open source frameworks of the same type in the industry. Tars' technological innovations are:

Provides an efficient and visual operation and maintenance platform;

Support multiple languages ​​including C ++, Java, PHP, Go, Nodejs, etc.

Ability to automatically generate the communication code between the client and the server;

Supports three synchronous and asynchronous call modes;

Support IDC, SET grouping.

In June 2018, the Tars open source project was donated to the Linux Foundation. Through the foundation, Tars can reach more developers and help more enterprises and individuals to efficiently develop microservices.

As part of the Tars ecosystem, TSeer and DCache were open sourced on GitHub in 2018 and 2019, respectively, and both are based on the BSD 3-ClauseLicense open source agreement. TSeer was also donated to the Linux Foundation with Tars in June 2018.

TSeer's technological innovation is manifested in:

On the basis of Tars, the weight of the TARS name service function has been reduced, and the intrusion to the business is low;

Provide two access methods: Agent and API;

Multiple load balancing methods to ensure the reasonable load of each node.

As a distributed NoSQL storage system based on Tars, DCache also has many innovative features:

Supports high-performance storage based on Tars;

Support multiple data structures (key-value, k-k-row, list, set, zset);

Support data persistence to back-end database;

Cluster mode, high expansion, high availability, support remote mirroring, and access nearby.

As of July 3, 2019, TarsCloud has accumulated more than 10,000 Stars, has 87 contributors, and has issued a new version on average every two months. The number of Commits has reached 1479, and there are 13 code bases. Not only in terms of the popularity of the code, but also the degree of maintenance of the project, it is a high level of similar open source projects in the same period. At present, the growth of various data is stable, and the overall project is relatively healthy. In fact, the TarsCloud open source project has been applied in hundreds of enterprises, covering instant messaging, live broadcast, video, games, finance, transportation, IoT and other industries. It is favored by tens of thousands of developers. This phenomenon shows that: The open source project must be acceptable to the community.

TarsCloud did not mention the steps after receiving the peak open source technology innovation award. It is understood that the TarsCloud account will also open source Tencent's internal TConfig and TMonitor projects, and will support Docker and Kubernetes. For the next open source development of TarsCloud, please pay attention to "TARS Planet".

Attached TarsCloud source address:

TARS: https://github.com/TarsCloud

TSeer: https://github.com/Tencent/TSeer

DCache: https://github.com/Tencent/DCache