TARS invites you to participate in K8S & Cloud Native Technology Open Day
Published at 03/15/2019
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K8S and cloud native have undoubtedly become mainstream cloud computing open source technologies. In 2019, K8S, Serverless, Microservices, and DevOps will be a technology field that all enterprises and developers continue to practice and pay close attention to. It will also be an enterprise to enhance core competitiveness. Technical layout.

K8S & Cloud Native Technology Open Day, hosted by Tencent Cloud, will focus on cloud native related technologies such as K8S, Serverless, from best practices, technology transformation in different scenarios, application optimization, and in-depth technical research in the open source field, together with technology enthusiasts Explore. In this event, the Linux Foundation open source project TARS will also share the in-depth technical practices of TARS in enterprises:
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