Eolinker joins TARS Foundation as General Member
Published at 06/03/2021
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The TARS Foundation, an umbrella microservices foundation under the Linux Foundation, is pleased to announce that Eolinker has joined the TARS Foundation as General Member. A leader in API management services from China, Eolinker specializes in API development, testing, monitoring, security, and other API capabilities.

Eolinker is the largest API management service provider in China. It is dedicated to meeting the individual needs of customers in various industries for the full lifecycle API management in different application environments, providing API development management, development team collaboration, automated testing, gateways and monitoring, etc. It provides services to help companies achieve the integration of development, operation and maintenance, which in turn improves development speed and reduces operation and maintenance costs.

Eolinker is committed to developing and advancing the open source microservice ecosystem. As members of TARS Foundation, it supports open source technologies and collaborates with the global community in a vendor-neutral environment to promote the development of open source microservice ecosystems. This is a big step in strengthening the impact of the API and helping developers around the world.

Mark Shan, Chair of TARS Foundation Governing Board, suggested that: "we are very pleased that Eolinker has joined the TARS Foundation and we look forward to promoting and shaping the future of API workflow together, and supporting the collaboration between API and microservices. ."

“As a professional API lifecycle service provider, Eolinker has always believed that the synergy of microservices and APIs will generate tremendous value for enterprises and organizations. Eolinker will work with developers around the world to build a more robust ecosystem of open source microservices and IoTs.”
--- William Xu, Co-founder and CMO of Eolinker


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