Event Recap: Jan 9th TARS Meetup India Highlights
Published at 01/18/2021
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The TARS Foundation hosted the first TARS India Community online meetup took place on Saturday, Jan 9th for about 3 hours with 4 unique sessions. For this meetup, we partnered with Parserlabs to invite speakers from the U.S. and India to talk about TARS Use Cases, Best Fitment of Micro-services in IoT Ecosystem, and Cloud-Native Next-Generation Monitoring. Recording of the event is also available on the TARS Microservices YouTube channel and TARS website. Below is a short summary of what was discussed during the meetup.

Making Sense of the TARS Ecosystem

One of the prominent themes of this meetup was introducing TARS to the developers in India. TARS is an open-source and mature RPC framework, which is also known by many developers as a toolbox for quickly building systems and automatically generating code.

The meetup was first started with a keynote presentation by Paige Huang, Program Manager of the TARS Foundation to give the audience a general overview about TARS. Specifically, the TARS Foundation is building a microservice ecosystem with different components devoted to solve common problems such as service governance and support for multiple languages.

To further elaborate on how TARS can solve microservices problems in different industries, Tina Tsou, Enterprise Architect from ARM, shared about TARS use cases and application scenarios in edge computing, AI, and Fintech.

The conversations during the meetup went beyond TARS and were extended to IoT ecosystem and Cloud-Native observability. Shushant Mishra, IoT Architect from DXC Technology, explored their approach to microservices using KAFKA, a messaging system and provided a introductory demo of the workflows. Additionally, Subhranshu Sekhar, Senior Solution Architect from Aurionpro Solutions, discuss the problems when monitoring differentmicroservices in a Cloud-Native environment and showed their demo app to illustrate a single microservices with multiple components.

What’s Next?

The TARS Foundation believes in the open source model and we are hoping to build a neutral community that promotes microservices conversations and collaboration among developers from different countries. The community meetups are the channel we are building to enable free and open exchanges of ideas. More future meetups are coming and we are planning to invite a variety of speakers to talk about TARS and share their perspectives and approaches to microservices.
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About the TARS Foundation

The TARS Foundation is a nonprofit, open source microservice foundation under the Linux Foundation umbrella to support the rapid growth of contributions and membership for a community focused on building an open microservices platform. It focuses on open source technology that helps businesses embrace microservices architecture as they innovate into new areas and scale their applications. It continues to work on addressing the problems that may occur in using microservices and wishes to accommodate a variety of bottom-up content to build a better microservice ecosystem.