Embracing TARS: Building a PHP Microservices Ecology
Published at 08/10/2019
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Born in 2014, the "microservice architecture", the idea of ​​which has been elaborated by Martin Fowler, has been continuously valued in recent years, and the theory and related practices have been continuously developed. At present, the architecture must talk about microservice architecture.

With the rapid development of microservice architecture, various development languages ​​and types of microservice development frameworks have appeared one after another. At the PHPCon conference held this afternoon, Liang Chen from the core development team of the open source microservices framework TARS shared with developers The role of TARS-PHP in the construction of the microservices ecosystem of TARS. Liang Chen is also the main person in charge of the TARS-PHP project. The following is the collation of this speech.