Event Recap: March 27th TARS Canada Meetup Highlights
Published at 03/31/2021
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Last Saturday, the TARS Foundation hosted an online community meetup at 10:00 AM on March 27th EDT. It was a great event for those who are not yet familiar with the TARS Foundation and the TARS Framework. Guest speakers from API7 and Airudi also presented very interesting talks about their works and understanding of microservices.

Presentation Topics

  • An Overview of the TARS Foundation and How to Join Us
    Speaker:Paige Huang,TARS Foundation Program Manager

  • TARS in Practice: From Architecture to Deployment
    Speaker:Isabella Ferreira, TARS Ambassador

  • API Gateway in Microservices
    Speaker:Zhiyuan Ju,api7.ai Lead Front End Developer

  • Microservices: Divide, Decentralize and Rule!
    Speaker:Javier Rosales,Airudi AI Developer

An Overview of the TARS Foundation and How to Join Us

To kickstart the event, Paige Huang, program manager at the TARS Foundation, presented an overview of the TARS Foundation and its mission to build a standard microservices ecosystem together with the open source communities worldwide. Particularly, the TARS Foundation has a number of different ways for people to join. If you are an individual interested in contributing to TARS projects, check out the Contributor Guide. For organizations to join the TARS Foundation, they can become members or end users to play an active role in TARS Foundation’s project governance and community outreach in order to reach a wider audience for their brands.


TARS in Practice: From Architecture to Deployment