New, Free Training Course Explores How to Deploy a Microservice-Based Architecture Using the TARS Project
The TARS Foundation
Published at 12/01/2021
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As organizations continue to implement new technologies to improve their agility and scalability, microservice-based architectures are becoming more popular. Research & Markets has predicted a 22.5% annual growth rate in adoption of microservices through 2025, meaning this technology will need more professionals trained to implement and administer it.

This has led The Linux Foundation and The TARS Foundation to release a new, free training course, Building Microservice Platforms with TARS, on the edX platform. The course explains how to efficiently develop microservices programs using different programming languages and quickly deploy the corresponding services into applications. It also delves into the powerful functionalities of TARS – a high performance, open source RPC framework developed by Tencent as a full-fledged enterprise solution for microservice maintenance, development and operation – and the components that make up the TARS ecosystem.

This course is designed for engineers working in microservices as well as enterprise managers interested in exploring internal technical architectures, especially working for digital transmission in traditional industries. In addition, anyone interested in software architecture will benefit from this course, as it provides a great overview of microservices and hands-on examples of building applications based on TARS .

By the end of this course, students will be able to:

Differentiate the concepts of monolith, microservices, serverless, and service mesh.
Describe the components and characteristics of the TARS Framework.
Install and operate TARS in Docker, Kubernetes, or from source code.
Create a microservices application using the TARS Framework.
Maintain or scale up microservices applications in TARS.
Understand the features that make TARS a preferred solution for enterprises in different industries.
Before enrolling, students should have a basic knowledge of the Linux Command Line Interface, container and database technology, and programming languages. The free Introduction to Cloud Infrastructure Technologies and Introduction to Linux courses can help prepare those who do not already have this background.

Enroll today to begin your journey to microservices migration.

About The TARS Foundation

The TARS Foundation is a nonprofit, open source microservice foundation under the Linux Foundation umbrella to support the rapid growth of contributions and membership for a community focused on building an open microservices platform. It focuses on open source technology that helps businesses embrace microservices architecture as they innovate into new areas and scale their applications. It continues to work on addressing the problems that may occur in using microservices and wishes to accommodate a variety of bottom-up content to build a better microservice ecosystem.