Jim Zemlin: The Linux Foundation Will Establish TARS Foundation, Focuses on Microservice Ecosystem
Published at 01/31/2020
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Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation. He uses this experience to accelerate innovation in technology through the use of open source and Linux. He also helps define the future of computing on the server, in the cloud, and on a variety of mobile computing devices.

In January, the Linux Foundation Road Show was held in China. The executive directors of the Linux Foundation and the principals of several Linux-derived sub-funds all attended the scene. The open source cooperation situation and future development plans were exchanged.

At the meeting, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, announced that Tencent's open source project TARS will set up a separate TARS foundation in 2020. This will be the first international open source foundation originated from a Chinese open source project and will also be the Linux fund. The only sub-foundation focusing on the ecology of microservice technology.

(Jim Zemlin, Executive Director of The Linux Foundation)

Jim Zemlin also fully affirmed the long-term value of Tencent's contribution to open source projects: "Through open source projects such as TARS and Angel, Tencent is showing its technological power to the world, showing China's outstanding innovation system and ecosystem, and attracting global development join China's technology projects to build. "
Thanks to the foundation's professional open source guidance and a prosperous developer ecosystem, Tencent's open source project has also ushered in rapid development. Liu Xin disclosed in his speech that since Tencent donated TARS and TSeer to the Linux Foundation in 2018, within one and a half years, the number of stars of TARS on GitHub has exceeded 10,000, and the number of contributors is close to 100, of which external contributors exceed half.

Jim Zemlin said: "TARS makes us proud. This is a project that truly leads the industry. We have seen thousands of developers from around the world join in TARS. Contributors are not only from China, but also from Google. , ARM, Microsoft, etc. "In March 2020, the Linux Foundation will also set up a separate TARS Foundation with Tencent, which is the embodiment of the rapid growth of TARS.

Appendix: Part of Jim's Speech

It's really gratifying to work with industries who learn from doing who use open source for the first time. participate in open source for the first time who build governance around open source for the first time. And I've been coming to China for about fifteen years. and it's amazing to see the projects that are coming out, like TARS.

Particular in the last few years, what I've noticed is that developers here in China for the first time are incubating and bringing new open source projects not just here in China but to the rest of the world. And the rest of the world is listening. And one of the things that you should be proud of here at Tencent is that TARS is an example of a project that's leading that way. You know, just like the Linux Foundation is about more than Linux. TARS is about more than just an rpc framework. It's about a micro services ecosystem, and other developers around the world are starting to realize that and starting to come into the TARS project and work on it and what we're seeing now is thousands of developers coming in.

Most importantly, if you look at these contributions there not just from here in China, they're from companies like Google and Microsoft and Vmware and many many others, and that is significantly increasing even better. We have been working with the team here at tencent to establish the TARS foundation which we're announcing in March. And we've already recruited a bunch of code development partners for it that should make TARS and even more successful global project. And while TARS is really important and I think it's going to be a successful project and it's very, very cool technology, the important thing to remember here is that TARS is only the beginning. Not only the beginning for tencent, which I think can introduce even more interesting technology and get even more the code development from around the world.

But it's an interesting beginning for the entire country of China that Tencent can lead by demonstrating the success of not only TARS, but projects like Project Angel. Tencent can show the world. China has an amazing organic innovation community here that people should be a part of it, no matter where they live or who they work for or where they're from. And that's something that I think is really exciting because there are so many incredible developers here in China.

The Linux Foundation wants to work with you here at Tencent by doing by creating the TARS foundation by working on projects together by training other companies, how to create open source program offices to buy training other companies in China through translating material about how to leverage open source into Chinese by demonstrating through action and leadership.

And that's something that I do think everyone here at Tencent should be very, very proud of, and we're proud to be a part of it. So thanks for having us here today, we are honored to be here and we love and will continue to work with Tencent thank you.