Dowson from Tencent: Open Source Has Become An Important Innovation in Many Technology-driven Industries Driving Force
Published at 01/22/2020
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Tencent Technology News On January 17, on the annual joint open day of Tencent and the Linux Foundation, Dowson, the senior executive vice president of Tencent and the president of the cloud and smart industry business group, publicly explained the significance of open source for Tencent for the first time. "Open source is no longer a developer ’s personal enthusiasm. It has become an important driving force behind innovation in many technology-driven industries. Guided by the mission and vision of a technology-friendly industry, Tencent will further embrace open source and work with developers Create positive value. "

(Dowson Tong, Senior Executive Vice President of Tencent and President of Cloud and Smart Industry Group)

The event was held in Shenzhen Tencent Building. The Linux Foundation executive director and several principals of the Linux derivative sub-funds were all present. The two parties exchanged views on the open source cooperation between Tencent and the Linux Foundation and their future development plans.
At the meeting, Jim Zemlin, executive director of the Linux Foundation, announced that Tencent's open source project TARS will set up a separate TARS foundation in 2020. This will be the first international open source foundation originated from a Chinese open source project and will also be the Linux fund The only sub-foundation focusing on the ecology of microservice technology. "We are very pleased to see that TARS will enter a new stage. In the future, Tencent will work closely with the Linux Foundation and its various sub-funds," said Liu Xin, general manager of Tencent, director of the Linux Foundation. To contribute to global open source. "

(Jim Zemlin, Executive Director, Linux Foundation)

Open source code culture rises, Tencent open source highlights frequently

According to Dowson, Tencent has a strong engineer culture from the early days. In 2010, with the support and promotion of the founding team and the members of the General Office, Tencent began to encourage and promote open source code culture within the company, advocated good project use across teams, departments, and businesses, and initially established open source tools. And processes, and began to release open source projects in 2012.
With the continuous accumulation of technical capabilities and the rise of Tencent's new code culture represented by open source, Tencent has performed well in the open source field in recent years: On Github, the world's largest code hosting platform, Tencent has released nearly 100 open source projects. One, covering cloud native, big data, AI, security, hardware and other popular technical directions, Tinker, Mars, open source by WeChat team, Kona, Angel, etc. developed by Tencent Cloud and Tencent Big Data team, all come from the core of Tencent Business segments.
In the field of AI, Tencent has open sourced the MedicalNet medical deep learning pre-training model, and its machine learning open source platform Angel has become China's first LF AI Foundation graduation project. In the field of big data, the core resource management platform TKE, distributed database TBase, and trillions TubeMQ, a high-level distributed messaging middleware, has been continuously open sourced. Among them, TubeMQ has also successfully donated to the Apache Foundation. In the field of cloud computing, Tencent has open sourced the cloud-native microservices framework TARS. Tencent Cloud itself has also integrated a large number of open source technologies. Business scenarios help the implementation of open source technology, and also give back to the community through technological innovation. It is a staunch promoter and builder of open source technology. Tencent Cloud has ranked on the KVM kernel open source contribution list for three consecutive years. In 2019, its contribution ranks seventh in the world and domestic First, in the field of edge computing, Tencent joined the LF Edge Foundation as a founding member and created a 5G MEC edge computing platform. It contributed a blueprint for the Internet of Vehicles in the community and led the development of an AR / VR open source blueprint.
Throughout 2019, the number of Tencent's new open source projects has reached 22, and the number of Stars on Github has soared from 19.5w to 27.5w, ranking among one of the internationally influential open source companies.
In addition to the explosive development of software open source, Tencent also continued to increase investment in hardware open source. Tencent's two major hardware self-developed designs in the field of optical network equipment and data centers have successfully passed the OCP (OpenCompute Project) review and were officially accepted as official open source contributions, becoming the first Internet company in China to have open source contributions to OCP.
The concentration of Tencent's open source in the past two years has erupted on the one hand due to the continuous improvement of product- and business-driven technical strength and the increasing enthusiasm of developers for open source work. On the other hand, it has also relied on important support from the core decision-making layer. In January 2019, Tencent established a technical committee at the company level, and "open source collaboration" has become the core strategy for Tencent's technology development. Through open source collaboration, Tencent combed and pulled through the lowest and common technical capabilities of each business group, and also formed a selection mechanism for high-quality projects, not only promoting reuse at the company level, but also contributing to the entire open source community.
While accelerating the pace of open source, Tencent also attaches great importance to the governance of open source. Dowson introduced: "We have established an external open source management office internally. Each open source project has a corresponding management committee. The committee will provide guidance on the entire process from project incubation to external open source and continuous operation, and standardization of open source code. Check the readability of the document to help the project avoid the situation of "open source is over." At present, Tencent's open source project issues and PR (Pull Request) close ratio are very high.
Regarding the development direction of Tencent's open source future, Dowson said: "In the future, Tencent will play a more active role in the open source community. Together with partners such as the Linux Foundation, we will promote technical cooperation on a global scale. Adhering to an open mindset, we will build mutual trust. Open source community. "

Join the Linux Foundation and enter a new stage of open source

As the world's largest software platform, the Linux Foundation has made great achievements in the open source field. Globally, more than 30,000 developers have contributed massive amounts of code to the Linux Foundation, achieving a shared value of $ 16.7 billion. Considering that open source has accounted for most of the existing code, it can be said that the Linux Foundation is "one of the most important partners" in the technology industry, and for the Linux Foundation, support from large companies such as Tencent is equally important. . "We hope Tencent open source can succeed, because without the participation of companies like Tencent, open source cannot gain widespread influence." Jim Zemlin told the attendees.
In recent years, Tencent and the Linux Foundation have launched a number of cooperations in the construction of open source ecology. "Tencent has a deep relationship with the Linux Open Source Foundation. We are not only a Platinum member of the Linux Foundation, but also the CNCF Cloud Native Computing Foundation, the LF AI Foundation, the Hyperledger Foundation, the LF Networking Foundation, the Open Networking Foundation and LF. High-level members of the Linux derivative sub foundation such as the Edge Foundation; in addition to donating the multilingual high-performance microservice development framework TARS and the name service project TSeer to the Linux Foundation, we also donate as the first founding members of the LF AI Foundation. "Tencent's Angel, an important AI open source project," said Dowson. In the past year, the cooperation between Tencent and the Linux Foundation has reached a new stage. With the care of the Linux Foundation and the efforts of global developers, The TARS project has become the only microservice development framework that supports five development languages ​​and has a complete service governance and operation platform. Under the guidance of the LF AI Foundation and the joint development of developers, the Angel project has completed a single The technology evolution from the model training platform to the full-stack machine learning platform has successfully graduated from the foundation.
Jim Zemlin at the site also fully affirmed the long-term value of Tencent's contribution to open source projects: "Through open source projects such as TARS and Angel, Tencent is showing its scientific and technological strength to the world, showing China's outstanding innovation system and ecosystem, and attracting the world Of developers join China's technology projects to build. "
Thanks to the foundation's professional open source guidance and a prosperous developer ecosystem, Tencent's open source project has also ushered in rapid development. Liu Xin disclosed in his speech that since Tencent donated TARS and TSeer to the Linux Foundation in 2018, within one and a half years, the number of stars of TARS on GitHub has exceeded 10,000, and the number of contributors is close to 100, of which external contributors exceed half.

(Liu Xin, General Manager of Tencent)

Jim Zemlin said: "TARS makes us proud. This is a project that truly leads the industry. We have seen thousands of developers from around the world join in TARS. Contributors are not only from China, but also from Google. , ARM, Microsoft, etc. "In March 2020, the Linux Foundation will also set up a separate TARS Foundation with Tencent, which is the embodiment of the rapid growth of TARS.
"As a technology company, Tencent has been inextricably linked with open source since its inception. 21 years ago, our first product QQ was running on an open source Linux server." Dowson recalled in his speech . In the initial stage of product development, the application of open source software helped Tencent shorten the product development cycle and improve development efficiency. With the diversification of Tencent's products, the enrichment of scenarios and the large number of users, it also developed a large number of Internet-related products. Cutting-edge technology module. "Tencent will continue to open source these high-quality code, hoping to benefit the entire developer community," Dowson said.