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@ tars / dyeing

The TARS dyeing basic module provides methods for obtaining and judging staining objects.

Users: You should not use this module directly, but use other modules that meet the staining standards to obtain staining objects

Module developer: Get TARS stained objects You should use this module's gen() method to get colored objects

Dyeing (Introduction)

Coloring is a state passed on the interface's invocation chain (server <==> client) to identify a specific request processing process.

This state consists of a flag and additional information KEY (optional) .

Services on the call chain can set (originate) and read (receive) this state, and perform corresponding processing (such as outputting specific logs and characteristics).

In the system, dyeing consists of this module and its corresponding convention.

Standard (Convention)

If the module uses a dyeing system, it is necessary to comply with the following conventions (At the same time, we will refer to the modules that meet the conventions as the modules that meet the staining standards):

  1. Provide the getDyeingObj() method and return Dyeing Object.
  2. Use the @ tars/dyeing.gen method to generate a dyeing object.
  3. Use the @ tars/ method to determine whether the dyeing object is valid.

Module method

TarsDyeing.gen (dyeing [, key, args])

By calling this method, you can get colored objects:

dyeing: Do you need dyeing key: Coloring additional information KEY (optional) args: additional parameters of the program (optional)

key is passed to the next service through the call chain, while args is only valid in the current dyed object (it is not passed).

Please note: The cause of the staining is different from the cause of the staining (thing). This module only cares about the stained objects, not the cause of the staining.

Call this method to determine whether an object passed in is a colored object:

If an empty object is passed in, the method will also return false

Dyeing Object Properties


Whether coloring is required, this is Boolean


Additional information passed by the dye, this is String and is optional and may not exist


Additional information about the dyed object itself, which should not be passed between services by business code (only used as a local parameter).

This object is not limited in type and is also optional