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Updated at 2020-03-20 16:00:22


TARS is a name based high-performance RPC framework using the TARS binary protocol. TARS achieved semi-autonomous operation by providing an operation platform which integrated service scheduling and monitoring.

Main benefits of TARS:

  • Languages agnostic: C++ / JAVA / PHP / NodeJS / Go / Python etc.

  • High availability: provides service discovery, disaster tolerance, fault tolerance and intelligent scheduling.

  • Agile development: provides automated code generation,fast service build and continuous integration tools.

  • Highly efficient operation: support business non-destructive iteration,visual service management and multi-dimensional monitoring with TARS operation platform.

TARS is one of Linux Open Source Foundation project now after years of iteration inside Tencent, and will continues to advance in the industry.

Used By:

  • china literature
  • DTmobile
  • qimingxinxi
  • sinotrans
  • essence securities
  • water resources department of Guangdong province
  • longtugame
  • 51zhaoyou
  • reintion
  • limixuexi and more